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Unlucky Winery? Chateau de La Riviere Suffers Second Fatal Crash

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Chateau de La Riviere Winery

A wealthy Chinese businessman buys the Bordeaux winery Chateau de La Riviere and goes for a celebratory helicopter ride with the winery’s previous owner. The helicopter tragically crashes killing both men along with two other passengers. In a horrible coincidence an earlier owner of the same winery also died in an air crash.

Huge Investment, Big Plans

French wines have been very popular with Chinese buyers in recent years and prices of Bordeaux wines have increased dramatically as a result. This has led to a buying spree of French wineries to Chinese owners as well. In the above story Mr. Lam Kok owner of a Hong Kong firm called Brilliant Group bought the 8th-century Chateau de la Riviere and vineyard in “the biggest ever Chinese investment in the area.”


The Brilliant Group specializes in luxury tea and hotels.  They intend to proceed with the plans of Mr. Lam Kok to keep the winery and build a hotel in the area featuring tea and wine.